Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Noise or Reality?

Tweet this, amplify that, re-blog the other, add your voice to twitter...etc etc etc.

Millions seems to follow the orders, the suggestions?

Are people really that interested or are they simply sending and re-sending the same stuff?
Does this constant social pinging create the reality or is it just so much noise (and forgive the analogy) like teenage girls at a sleep over.  The noise is deafening but the content is weak.   Each agreeing with the other so they can feel part of the group.

Is it my age when I say if I have a problem with Delta for example, tweeting about it isn't my way to solve it.  I'm going to talk to a Delta representative.  Delta itself will spend millions analyzing social media and will put help desks in place to respond to a complaint on twitter.  So fearful of some random tweet are the corporations of today.  Should they be?  I know I don't judge a corporation by tweets, does the rest of the world?

Is this really a generational thing?
Maybe I'm just stubborn. 

Monday, August 3, 2015

Too Social Media??

The uncontrolled need by people to be always on contributes greatly to the chaos we have today.

Lack of real thought given to any decision so poor decisions multiply.
In the corporate setting I get comments like:
"Why aren't you on IM, I can't find you and I needed to talk to you."
"I sent you an email about an hour ago and you haven't responded."
My response typically is something like,
"You stated you need to talk with me. Yet you did not pick up the phone and call. Was there really a need or just a want? Was there any real urgency to this desire to talk with me?"

Of course this doesn't go over well, especially if the individual is your manager.

IM, texting, etc has become the new water cooler.  Facebook the gossip fence.
While it is true some real work gets done, more often than not, it is a social catch up, and while it may not be an entire waste of time, it is seldom positive in the goal of reaching thoughtful decisions.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Clean Up

Removed all the old posts, changed the blog design, simplified.
Now will I use it?