Monday, August 28, 2017

Technology Refresh at RE/MAX

Today we roll out new Agent/Associate pages and a new lead system.
Spent the better part of the morning ensuring all pages linked properly and that the information shown is correct.
I       think      I      updated     everything     properly......
Yeah, you see hesitation in that prior sentence.  

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Housekeeping Done

So now that the blog housekeeping is done I will need to go to facebook and linkedin to alter them to this page.

In the meantime, the past few months have been interesting.
Several potential clients, none contracted as of yet.
1) Looking to move from a rental to a house, disappointed that little to nothing worth buying is in her preferred area.  I believe she is off thinking about alternative locations or simply staying in her rental for another year.
2) One potential investor.  Sharp but undecided on what is really wanted.  I consider this part my fault and part them being new to the distressed property world.  Thankfully I completed and gained my SFR certification.
3) The closest to being a real client, family moving from their first home to something larger.  I find working with them really enjoyable and helping to suggest ways to prep their house for sale reminds me of the things Joan and I have done to our homes over the decades.
4) Last, a lady who may decide to move because the county is taking a chunk of her land.  I don't think she ever thought about moving before and had no intention to ever move.  The question, will the upset over the county actions wane and once it does she will be content to stay where she is or is the move bug strong.  For my part, I want her to decide what is in her best interests, not mine.

Education over the past few months, I have a fund that expires in August so I must gather all that makes sense and complete it before the end of that month.  My short sales, foreclosure and REO education was great, added to my existing knowledge of this market.  Skills are climbing on all the available tools RE/MAX, the MLS's and REALTOR® associations make available.
Contract forms (everchanging), stips, conditions, loan rules make for a challenging day.

I am enjoying it and it is a great change from the world of Technology.

Merged Blogs.

As expected, having a blog specifically for real estate is unnecessary in my case.   I am not an avid blogger but I do like to have notes from time to time to declare milestones.  So I have deleted the Agent specific blog and will from now on, post everything, where it be writing, real estate, technology or personal here.

This does mean the link to the real estate specific blog mentioned on March 28th is no longer valid and I will remove the side bar address link.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Whirlwind Month

As my last post indicated I passed the Ga Real Estate Exam.
Since that time I have joined with a local RE/MAX Affiliate called RE/MAX Unlimited on Stilesboro Road in Kennesaw.
Scheduled my Post-License class for the first week of April, jumped into a HUD class as well as a couple of others.  All short classes but helps cover the post license and continuing ed requirements.
Lots of new systems to learn, from finding property, to processing contracts, bidding on HUD homes to setting up my web presence.
CRM and Lead Generation system, business cards, signs, and such things.

Updated my LinkedIn page to be current with my new career.
Created a Facebook Business page to go along with the personal page.
Added a new Blogger page for Real Estate.
And customized my RE/MAX Agent page.

Much of the initial grunt work is done.  Lets see much fun and how profitable this new path can be....

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Squashed It!!!!!

Took the Ga. Real Estate exam today and passed!
Now I must determine where to hang my license.
A new chapter beginning......

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Next Steps

Retired from IBM as of September 1, 2016.
36.5 years, a long interesting at times wonderful, at times not so much career.
Now I'm taking steps in a transition from technology to something different.
I recently completed my pre-license education for real estate.
Passed the class test, which gives me the ability to take the state exam.
Scheduled to take the state exam in two days.
Let us see if I can squash it.
From there it is "choose a broker" time.  I am talking to various ones in my area, getting a feel for how they conduct business, what they require of me and what I can expect from them in return.