Sunday, December 29, 2019

End of 2019 and the Holidays

It is almost 2020. 
Completed prepping the house for listing.  Thank you Kim and Howard!  You both have been magnificent with your time and help.
Most items are stored away.  5900 square feet of almost empty space.  WOW.
Now that leaves have finished falling I will need to spread fresh pinestraw in the islands to complete the yard look.
The holidays were not as bad as last year.  I knew there would be times and there were, where things just got to me but nothing like 2018.  Joan has been gone now 18 months.
Slowly memories of her bring more smiles than sadness.  Sometimes surprise as I think back to the fact that she put up with me for nearly 40 years.
This year with Austin and Cameryns assistance I made the banana pudding and yes in the Green Bowl.  The Green Bowl that was my grandmothers, then my mothers, then mine.  This Christmas I gave it to my daughter who values it greatly.  My son gets his mothers high chair from when she was a baby.
Much of my home through the downsizing I can see (especially Christmas decorations) at their homes.  I can see parts of my life with Joan in them.
The plan for this house is the same as my last post.  It is listed, I will remain here until I sell it.  Then I will borrow a bedroom from my son while I seek my next house.
Life is different, not a change I wanted or expected.  It is something to which I must adapt.

My goal this year is to put a full time focus on my chosen career.  Which way it will take me is unknown.  Joan and I talked many times about what we wanted for each other when one of us passed.  I have checked many of the things off the list, the longer terms things are in how I will adapt, what she wanted for me.  I know when it is my turn I will see her again, her and all those who went before me.  The thread is there, it will always be connected.

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