Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Noise or Reality?

Tweet this, amplify that, re-blog the other, add your voice to twitter...etc etc etc.

Millions seems to follow the orders, the suggestions?

Are people really that interested or are they simply sending and re-sending the same stuff?
Does this constant social pinging create the reality or is it just so much noise (and forgive the analogy) like teenage girls at a sleep over.  The noise is deafening but the content is weak.   Each agreeing with the other so they can feel part of the group.

Is it my age when I say if I have a problem with Delta for example, tweeting about it isn't my way to solve it.  I'm going to talk to a Delta representative.  Delta itself will spend millions analyzing social media and will put help desks in place to respond to a complaint on twitter.  So fearful of some random tweet are the corporations of today.  Should they be?  I know I don't judge a corporation by tweets, does the rest of the world?

Is this really a generational thing?
Maybe I'm just stubborn. 

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